Welcome to Pear & Park

We are a small team based in Melbourne, Australia, who wanted to do more for the world we live in. So we put our minds together, and this is what we came up with - a business that was in the business of doing good.

Now, we know this isn't a novel idea. Social enterprises have been around for ages but are few and far between, especially in the online-only retail space.

To be honest, we were confused and kept coming back to one question: why isn't this a more common business model? This led to lots of Googling until we found a likely answer: low-profit margins on the low-ticket (smaller and trending) items.

So why did we push ahead with this idea? Well, our core values are empathy, kindness, purpose and responsibility. Not profit.

We set out to create something that would have a long-term and sustainable impact in this world. Our business needed to be profitable enough to keep it running effectively, but it didn't need to be a huge profit machine.

That meant that with just a small piece of the eCommerce pie, we could build and sustain a business that supports some wonderful organisations that do life-changing work.

So here we are. Pear & Park - for the little things that do a lot of good. And that's our promise - to always do a lot of good by selling the little things.